Rental Agreement

Natal Granite Retreat Vacation Rental Agreement
Last update: September 2018

GUESTS (you, as the responsible party for the reservation and on behalf of all others staying with you) agree as follows:

  1. RESERVATIONS: Reservations are accepted by phone or a website such as,,, or An initial payment of approximately 25% of the total booking amount is required at time of booking if your reservation is more than 60 days out.  If your arrival date is within 60 days, payment in full may be required at time of booking to reserve the unit along with this acceptance of this agreement. Your deposit is non-refundable should the reservation be cancelled. If less than 60 days notice is given the full rent is forfeited. Note that some vacation reservation website policies may be slightly less strict so PAY ATTENTION to the rules stated on the website when you make your reservation.
  2. SECURITY DEPOSITS or ACCIDENT INSURANCE: All reservations require either a security deposit of $1,000 or accident insurance for a minimum coverage of $1,000. On HomeAway, VRBO and VacationRentals websites you can either provide a deposit of $1,000 (refunded within a week of the end of your stay) or purchase Damage Protection for $79. Damages that are accidental in nature are covered by the insurance; negligence and purposeful damage are not covered. If you choose to use your credit card with our management company, you will be charged $1,000 upon arrival and it will be returned within a week, after your visit ends and the property has been evaluated for damage.
  3. PAYMENT: Credit cards, eChecks and PayPal can be used on the various websites and we can take Visa, MasterCard, and Discover over the phone. Checks are accepted at least 60 days prior to arrival—please use the eCheck option on the website. All reservations must be paid in full within 60 days of arrival.
  4. ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: Rental occupancy begins at 3:00 PM. Keys will only be released to the responsible party unless advance arrangements have been made. Check-out time is 11:00 AM. Guest(s) agree that late check-outs are subject to an additional night’s rent being charged automatically unless late checkout arrangements have been made. Note: we can accommodate late checkouts ONLY if we don’t have another party checking in the same day.
  5. KEY PICK-UP: Keys are available at the property management office.  If you plan to arrive before 5:00 PM, you will pick up your keys inside the office from the front desk.  If you plan to arrive later than 5:00 PM, your keys will be waiting in front in a drop box. Please notify in advance (or by phone before 5PM) of late arrival.


K & K Property Management
41441 Tollhouse Road, P. O. Box 252
Shaver Lake, CA 93664
Office: (559) 841-3338
Fax: (559) 841-8511
Toll Free: (800) 987-7368

  1. PET POLICY: Well-behaved, house-trained pets are welcome, but be aware that you must take the pet outside on a leash for bathroom breaks as the yard is not fenced. You are fully responsible for any damages caused by pets. DON’T leave your pets unattended, take them with you if you leave!
  2. NO SMOKING: The cabin is non-smoking inside, but there are porches in the front and back of the house with ash trays. You may also smoke in the garage. Please don’t throw butts on the ground! You are responsible for costs to remedy smoke odor and/or damage.
  3. LINENS: There is a combined cleaning and linen fee of $395. This fee is non-optional. We clean the cabin before your stay and we make the beds with clean linens. Beds made up are: California King in Master Bedrooms 1 and 2 (Master 2 is the handicap bedroom); two Queen beds in the Queen’s room; Queen bed and Queen Futon in the Granny Quarter; four Full beds (bottom bunks) in the Bunk room. In addition, we leave clean linens for you to make up additional beds if you wish: there are two Queen Futons in the Queen’s Room, four twin roll-aways suitable for young children, four twin top bunks in the Bunk room suitable for children weighing up to 120 pounds, various other futons and beds in the living room, den, and man cave. All together there are 10 beds sleeping 20 people made up with linens and up to 10 other beds available for larger groups. Linen service also includes clean towels.

If you do not use a bed, please leave it made up. If you have used a bed, please strip off the sheets and pillow cases and put these, along with used towels, in the laundry room.

  1. CLEANING: The cabin is cleaned before you arrive. If you have ANY concerns with regards to the cleanliness of the cabin we must be notified within the first 24 hours of your arrival. Reporting repairs or areas that need cleaning does not give you the right to cancel this agreement, ask for a discount or receive a refund of any payments made. Prior to departure, please take your left over food with you or throw it away. Also, please make sure that all the dishes in the dishwasher or sink are clean and put away. You will be charged if there is food left in the unit, dishes left out or trash improperly handled. If you have more than a garbage bag of trash, please bring it to the management company parking lot (41441 Tollhouse Road) and deposit it in the dumpsters when you check out. Do not store garbage outside the garage as raccoons and bears will visit.
  2. DAMAGES: You are responsible for damages to the property that occurs during your stay, even if damage costs exceed the security deposit amount or accident insurance. Weather mishaps are not considered damages caused by tenants. Damages include, but are not limited to: marked up or scuffed walls, floors and ceilings; vomit on floors or furniture; pet damage or pet waste left on property; broken or torn furniture; tape on walls, windows or furniture; wine or drinks spilled on carpets or bedding; trash left in drawers, cupboards or closets; excessively dirtied, stained or torn bedspreads, blankets and mattress pads; furniture with pen, paint or crayon writing.
  3. WHAT TO BRING: Please bring paper goods (toilet tissue, paper towels, etc.) and all toiletries, dish soap, trash bags and cleaning supplies. If you use something in the house please replace it before leaving.  We provide you with pillows, blankets, dishes, glassware, flatware (for 30 or more table settings), pots and pans, many spices, toaster, BBQ and cooking utensils. Bring tire chains and a snow shovel during the winter months.
  4. OCCUPANCY: Should we become aware that you have more people in your rental than you specified when you booked the rental, you agree that your deposit is forfeited. We also reserve the right to require any people over the allowed amount in the cabin to leave. Parking space is limited to 6 cars. Cabin will be periodically checked for occupancy.
  5. NOISE: The neighborhood is a quiet residential area and you agree to refrain from making noise after 9PM and before 8AM. This includes loud talking on the deck, loud music in the house, shouting outside, and similar types of noise. Sound carries in the woods and the neighbors will report you, leading to possible eviction. Please be respectful of the neighbors.
  6. MISHAPS/WEATHER: We are not responsible for appliance failures, frozen pipes, unplowed roads, power or telephone outages due to the elements. (However, the city plows roads often during snowfalls and our contracted plowing company tries to keep the driveway clear.) Guests acknowledge that there are no discounts/refunds for tenant dissatisfaction, inconveniences due to weather, natural disasters including nearby fires, road conditions, utility disruption or mechanical failure of appliances or heating/cooling units. In the event a problem does occur we will do everything possible to solve the issue if we are notified immediately. (After-the-fact complaints will not be addressed.) Cancellations due to lack of snow or lake level fall under the cancellation policy. We will do everything we can to describe the cabin to you in photos and over the phone or email, answering your questions. You can also call to arrange to preview the site in a visit. However, we will not be held responsible for any misconceptions you may have regarding the cabin.
  7. If you book on Flipkey, you agree to Flipkey’s complaint policy: Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable stay. If however, you have any cause for complaint it is important that remedial action is taken as soon as possible. It is essential that you contact us if any problem arises so that it can be speedily resolved. It is often extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible) to resolve difficulties properly unless we are promptly notified. Discussion of any criticisms with us whilst you are in residence at the Property will usually enable any shortcomings to be rectified straightaway. In particular, complaints of a transient nature (for example, regarding preparation or heating of the Property) cannot possibly be investigated unless registered whilst you are in residence. If any complaint cannot be resolved during your holiday, you must write to us with full details within 28 days of the end of it.

In addition to Flipkey’s policy, and applicable to your booking from any other website or method you might have for booking, we add: Let the property managers know immediately of any problem, calling them day or night (559-841-3338) to resolve the issue. They are generally very responsive. We can’t fix problems we don’t know about. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the management’s service, let us, the owners (David and Dottie Natal, 805-737-9896) know of anything that the managers have not taken care of. We work hard at keeping the property maintained and are committed to making your stay pleasurable.

  1. PERSONAL PROPERTY & INJURY: Guests personal property, including vehicles, are not insured by Owner. Owner does not insure against personal injury to Guests due to any reason other than the condition of the unit. Slippery steps, decks or walk ways due to snow or ice are not considered a condition of the unit. Use caution during winter months to avoid injury. Guests agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the unit owner and Property Management from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, costs and attorney fees resulting from loss, damage or injury to Guests or their personal property.
  2. PERSONAL ITEMS LEFT IN RENTAL: Upon your departure, make sure you have packed everything you have brought with you. We cannot promise items remaining will be returned to you.
  3. SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Prices and amenities are subject to change without notice.  We reserve the right to cancel any reservation in the unlikely event that the property is no longer available for rent or if, in our view, it is unsafe to rent.
  4. ENTRY: The Property Management agents have the right to enter the unit at any time (1) for the purpose of making necessary or agreed repairs, improvements, for maintenance, or to supply necessary or agreed services (2) to verify that Guests have complied with the terms of this agreement (3) in case of emergency.

Accidental Damage Protection and Death or Severe Illness Cancellation Coverage Option

Purchase of this Accidental Damage Protection policy is optional; you can choose instead to use a credit card hold for $1,000 for a fully refundable accidental damage deposit. The Accidental Damage Protection Policy includes:

  • Coverage for up to $1,000 for any accidental damage to the rental property for your stay, such damage caused yourself or any members of your party or your pets;
  • Cancellation coverage for the rent of the property for verified severe illness or death in the Immediate Family;
  • Coverage for theft, provided not caused by yourself or members of your group, and verified by a police report.

PLEASE READ THE COVERAGE PROVISIONS CAREFULLY. If you need a broader or more inclusive insurance coverage policy, there are polices available through various travel insurance agencies—just do an Internet search on “travel cancellation insurance” to see what plan best fits your needs. For example, you can purchase a policy that will cover the illness of ANY member of your group (this coverage DOES NOT), cancellation of your vacation due to bad weather, etc.


Notice of Claim--We must be given written notice of claim within 60 days after a covered loss occurs. Notice should include the claimant’s name and sufficient information to identify him or her.

Proof of Loss--Written Proof of Loss must be sent to us within 60 days after the date the loss occurs.

Your Duty to Cooperate--You must provide us with medical authorizations, or other records and documents we may reasonably require concerning your claim. Failure or refusal to cooperate may delay or impede the resolution of your claim.


Who is Eligible for Coverage: If you purchase this optional coverage, insurance will be provided for the traveler booking the property and his/or her spouse or registered domestic partner traveling with him/her. Pre-existing medical conditions are NOT COVERED.  In the case of severe illness, you must provide a letter from your doctor stating that he/she examined you or your spouse or registered domestic partner and recommended that you cancel your trip. We will also require a Patient Release Form authorizing release of medical information. In case of death in the family you will be asked for both proof of relationship between the primary traveler or spouse and the Immediate Family Member (see definition below) who died, as well as a copy of the death certificate.

Immediate Family Members include: your spouse/registered domestic partner, child, spouse’s child, son/daughter-in-law, parent, sibling, brother-sister, grandparent, grandchild, step brother-sister, stepparent, parent-in-law, brother-sister-in-law, guardian, foster-child, or ward.

When Coverage Begins--All coverages will take effect on the later of: 1. the date the premium payment has been received by us; or 2. the date and time you arrive at the property.

When Coverage Ends--Your coverage automatically ends on the earlier of: 1. the date the Trip is completed; or 2. the Scheduled Rental End Date; or cancellation of the Trip covered by the Policy.


If you occupy an accommodation and you damage the real or personal property assigned to that accommodation during the Trip, we will reimburse you the lesser of the cost of repairs or the cost to replace the property, up to $1,000 (one thousand dollars USA.)

Coverage is provided to you and all travelers under the accommodation reservation during the trip provided you are listed on the lease agreement.

Coverage is for accidental damage only; coverage is NOT provided for loss due to:

  1. inclement weather or natural disaster;
  2. your intentional acts or gross negligence;
  3. normal wear and tear of the real or personal property assigned to the Accommodation;
  4. any damage that occurs if you are in violation of the lease agreement;
  5. loss, theft or damage to any personal effects owned by you or brought on the covered Trip by you;
  6. loss, theft or damage caused by any person other than you or your traveling companions with whom you share the Accommodation reservation unless substantiated by a police report.

Your Duties in the Event of a Loss:

You must: 1. take all reasonable, necessary steps to protect the property and prevent further damage to it; 2. report the loss in writing prior to check-out to the staff responsible for managing the Accommodation; 3. provide us all documentation such as the police report and damage estimate.


We will not pay for any loss under this Policy, caused by, or resulting from:

  1. your or your Traveling Companion’s suicide, attempted suicide, or intentionally self-inflicted injury;
  2. mental, nervous, or psychological disorders of you or your Traveling Companion;
  3. you or your Traveling Companion being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, unless prescribed by a Physician;
  4. normal pregnancy or resulting childbirth, elective abortion or fertility treatment of you or your Traveling Companion;
  5. you or your Traveling Companion operating or learning to operate any aircraft, as pilot or crew;
  6. declared or undeclared war, or any act of war;
  7. nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination;
  8. any unlawful acts, committed by you or your Traveling Companion;
  9. any amount paid or payable under any Worker’s Compensation, disability benefit or similar law;
  10. a loss or damage caused by detention, confiscation or destruction by customs or any governmental authority, regulation or prohibition;
  11. travel restrictions imposed for a certain area by governmental authority;
  12. a loss that results from an illness, disease, or other condition, event or circumstance which occurs at a
    time when coverage is not in effect for you;
  13. any issue or event that could have been reasonably foreseen or expected.