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kitchen and dining

The kitchen is full-featured, stocked with everything you need to cook for and serve up to 30 people! The dining table seats 12+ and there are plenty of additional tables and chairs that can be added for larger groups. The kitchen has glassware, tableware and silverware for over 30 people. There is a good-size dishwasher, plenty of pots and pans, a five-burner stove and a large refrigerator/freezer with an ice-maker.

This house was made for cooking and entertaining! With a large, open kitchen and all the utensils needed, all you need to do is bring a lot of food (or go to the local markets, which have SOME variety, but not a lot.)

IMG_20140722_095406524_HDRThere are plenty of pots and pans, including large pots for stew, etc. There are dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cups, coffee cups for 30 or more guests at a sitting. There is enough silverware for 60 servings. There is a full size refrigerator, oven, 5-burner stove, microwave, toaster and toaster oven. A breadmaker, ricemaker, two coffee makers. A spice rack which may or may not have spices in it (sorry, we try to keep it stocked!) A grill outside. A large and very quiet dishwasher.

Kitchen tables seats at least 12 people comfortably, more in a pinch. Four stools to the counter. Lots of extra chairs and tables for more informal dining. On the deck there is a dining table, too.




Stove/oven (most recently replaced December 2014.)




New microwave installed 06-06-2015

coffee makersYou will find at least 3 coffee makers in the kitchen, so you can make regular and decaf for your group! Keep looking, people tend to hide them when they leave. They both use 8-12 cup basket coffee filters (the big ones with a flat bottom.) One has a metal caraffe to keep coffee warm for hours (again, it might be hidden.) One is a "yuppie" type coffee maker that can be programmed to grind the coffee and make it at a certain time, if you are so inclined to set it up.

There is a Weber stainless steel Genesis S-330 and we provide the fuel. It has 507-square-inches primary cooking area and 130-square-inches warming rack and is 38,000 BTU. So bring those steaks with you! Please do clean it when done and leave it as you would like to find it.

I've created a page with Kitchen Organization photos and notes to show you where everything fits.


Place settings: we have multi-color place settings with everything you need. These vary over time as we keep the kitchen updated.




Refrigerator (most recently replaced in 2015.)

Dining room

Dining room