2017 Spring Cleaning notes

  • Replaced most of the living room furniture with log-style couches, chairs, ottomans, tables, etc.
  • On order--new recliner couch, love seat and easy chair for den. These are a higher grade so we're hoping they will last longer! They are expected in early May.
  • We added more 8 foot tables and folding chairs to acommodate the larger wedding groups we've been hosting.
  • Also upgraded all the flatware and dinnerware.
  • Reorganized kitchen, replaced most of the skillets, pots and pans.
  • Got new carving, paring, bread knives and a full set of well made (sharp) steak knives; I hope renters know how to take care of them!
  • Updated some decor, sewed some new pillows, painted some, too.
  • Coming soon: more tree removals due to death by beetles and the drought. Sad.

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