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Kitchen Organization

There are approximately 60 place settings available, plus all the cooking utensils you'll need, and they all fit nicely! But...Some renters, for whatever reason, "reorganize" and move things. So, for reference, here are photos of where everything should be:

First upper cabinet to the left of the sink:

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs.

Next upper: dinner plates, salad plates, bowls.

Plates and bowls

Upper cabinet to the left of the microwave: glassware. If you need more, there should be some on the shelf in the laundry room, above the washer/dryer.


First drawer to the right of the sink: forks and steak knives.


Next drawer: spoons and butter knives.



Mixing bowls, casserole dishes, colanders

Far right lower cabinet, across from the fridge: muffin tins, large boiling pots, colanders, glass mixing bowls, crock pot, colanders, serving bowls. Next lower contains the frying pans (they are in a rack, they all fit if you nest them by size), and sauce pans (again they all fit if you stack them nested by size.)


The coffee making items are in the pantry (to the right of the fridge) and there should be plenty of options for your needs. There is also a rice maker.

Coffee making supplies


The rolling pantry with the black granite top has the kids drinking glasses, some small serving bowls, and the lids for the pots and pans. These all fit nicely in the provided racks as long as you put the large lids at the bottom of the side rack or in the bottom rack (as shown.)


In the unlikely event that you need a pan or lid not here, look in the garage, there are more kitchen items there (but please put them back!)


More in garage

Sharp knives, including the "good" steak knives, are in the knife racks. PLEASE--these are SHARP! Handle with care, don't allow inexperienced cooks to use them, put the racks out of reach of children. PLEASE--wash and dry by hand, not the dishwasher, don't nick them by trying to cut tree branches or other such items. And did I mention they are extremely SHARP?

Sharp knives



There are various other kitchen items, including stuff for the BBQ, in the various drawers (don't ask me where, these get moved all the time.)

Here is a full place setting.

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