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toastWe have had a lot of weddings at the cabin in the past year! So exciting!

The following pictures are from Jay and Maurine's wedding, and were chosen to illustrate ideas for how a wedding here can be arranged and to answer several FAQs. (The actual photographer's wedding photos are elsewhere.)

Q: Is this a good place for a wedding?
A: Yes! For a smallish ceremony, it is a great location. If you are planning a large ceremony, we can provide suggestions for other venues nearby.


A wedding ceremony with about 20 attendees and about 30 total participants.

Q: Where would be set up tables for eating? How many chairs and tables are available?
A: Depending on weather, you might eat on the deck or indoors. There are several 6 foot tables, 4 foot tables and 2 foot tables that can be arranged in different ways depending on your needs (see the photos, below.) There are about 35 folding chairs plus another 20 or so wooden chairs. The deck can accommodate perhaps 30-40 guests comfortably.


hanging_out informal_seating


Though the deck is probably the best spot, indoors is not a bad option especially if it is very cold outside. Though the kitchen table is designed to fit 12, and by adding a table you can fit perhaps 20 at the adult table. Kids tables will fit along the kitchen wall or in the living room.

inside_dining lunch

Q: Where should the ceremony be held?
A: We recommend the back deck as it provides a nice backdrop and is comfortable for participants (the chairs are comfortable.)


Here comes the bride!

laid_outGetting set up for the ceremony.

Q: How many cars can be parked?
A: At most about 15, depending on how carefully you arrange parking. If you don't have someone in your group able to do the parking, it might be easier to ferry people from a central parking area (we can provide you with some ideas of where to set that up.) Or ask them to drive together. You CANNOT park on the street as this is a violation of the neighborhood parking restrictions.


Q: Are there good spots in the yard for photo ops?
A: Here are a few photos--we love the grounds, but you decide! This photo is right next to the house. If you prefer more scenic, the lake is only a short drive away.

photo_opsQ: Is there space inside to do the preparations?
A: Yes, the house is quite spacious!


Making the table centerpieces.

Q: Is the kitchen large enough to prepare food for a large group? How many wine glasses/ tableware settings/ drinking glasses/ plates and bowls are there?
A: The kitchen is large and easy to fit a few cooks in at the same time. The fridge, stove and oven are all standard kitchen size (larger than those found in track homes.) There is a microwave, all the cookware you need. (All that said, as with any large party you need to plan, plan, plan to have all the food ready at the same time.)

preparing_dinner preparing_drinks  through_the_trees witnessesceremonyjust_married



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