2015 Spring Cleaning

We just did the Spring cleaning for 2015 (Dottie, Kent and Shanice.) Here is the list of what we got done:

  • We emptied the den and living room and cleaned the floor, then had the N-Hance company come out and clean, prepare and refinish the floor. Used them because they don't strip to the wood, instead they put a coat of finish over the top after repairing any problems, so it is an additive process rather than reductive. Also the process allows the floor to be used immediately.
  • Installed the two Murphy bed frames in the Queen's room. (Note: even though the website says 90 minutes to install, it was more like three hours for each!) Kent did the bulk of the work as there was a lot of heavy lifting and muscle required to do things like get parts together and slats into holders. In any case, they work like a charm and make the room easy to convert from a bedroom to a workroom without needing to disassemble and move beds out.
  • Installed a new microwave in the kitchen (Kent.) This is the third one--renters are particularly hard on microwaves for some reason. The last one had a plastic frame and must have been forced closed on something big or slammed, because the frame broke. We had tried using various fillers to fix it, but finally ended up getting one with a stainless steel frame (less breakable, I hope.) It looks great!
  • Baby gates were installed and tested at the top of the stairs, bottom of the stairs, and outside on the upstairs porch. Kent put in brackets for these and they got painted as needed to make them blend in better. All the new baby gear was put into the handicap bedroom (the blue room) closet (upstairs, right side, back of house.) There are two booster seats, two high chair seats, three stair/door gates, two strollers, two baby playpens (Pack-N-Plays). I sure hope the renters take care of these!
  • Kitchen and dining room: painted the walls (a new color, a bit purple-ish, but nice.) Cleaned all the cupboard doors, washed everything, cleaned the oven, stripped the floors and then resealed them, put in new light bulbs as needed, cleaned the filter and grate for the upstairs furnace intake.
  • Touched up all the paint in the living room and den--looks perfect!
  • Touched up paint on railings on front porch and back porch. Touched up the wall paint front porch and back.
  • Furnace filter and grate in the stairwell cleaned. Stairs washed. Walls touched up.
  • Shanice had to spend a few hours cleaning a VERY dirty BBQ. Someone had taken a pan out of the kitchen and put it in the cabinet to catch the grease. Yuck! There was a layer of grease a few inches deep in the cabinet! It's hard to understand why that person didn't just empty out the grease trap? Now the management company has been instructed that they MUST check the BBQ after each rental and charge for any cleaning required as otherwise it presents a fire danger. I purchased new cleaning supplies and put them in a bucket on top of the BBQ. I will post "how to" clean notes in the┬áreminder notes. Let's see if this helps...
  • Re-set up the table and chairs on the deck, fixed the chair that got busted.
  • All bedding washed, all shower curtains replaced. Replaced the shower head in the handicap shower (it was leaking.)
  • Garage is getting a power wash cleaning, carpets are getting cleaned, and windows washed. These are all outside services.
  • Cleared out any large branches that fell into yard.
  • Dead trees are getting cleared some time next week.

Things on the list that got moved to Fall cleaning:

  • Put up the hanging chairs on the back porch.
  • Loose trim board on front corner of house.
  • Kitchen/dining room: Paint above refrigerator. Seal the crack between the top cabinets and the wall in kitchen (grease collector.) Consider new flooring (solid cement flooring with no grout lines?)
  • Den/living room: consider using a semigloss on the wall between stairs and living room/den (gets very dirty for some reason.)
  • Downstairs hallway: has been dinged up by something heavy being dropped? Need to consider new flooring and make it a bit brighter.
  • Front porch: cement treatment to look like a wood deck.
  • Granny room: repaint, fix ceiling.
  • Bunk room: new carpeting, repaint. Tile the wall "seats".
  • Queen's room: paint room and add wall hangings.
  • Man cave: touch up paint, consider repainting to a lighter color, add more (brighter) lights.

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