What’s provided

All cooking utensils, pots and pans, toaster, oven, stove, microwave oven, dishwasher, mixing bowls, coffee pots, tea kettle, baking pans and dishes, spatulas, etc. are provided. All glassware, coffee mugs, plates, dishes, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, wine glasses for at least 30 people (and mostly matching) are provided.

Bring your soaps, shampoos, paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins), plastics (storage containers, plastic bags, trash bags).

We supply all blankets, pillows (there are literally over 100 pillows to choose from!), and comforters (both down and synthetic down).

If you opted for linen service, you won't need to bring towels, sheets and pillow cases; if not, supply your own. If you are going to the lake, bring your own beach towels.

Wi-fi is available throughout the house and on the decks. It is DSL through the cable company and is fairly reliable and very fast. There are instructions on how to reboot the system if the need arises. There is no security on the system so you can easily hook up all your devices.

Upstairs are two master bedrooms with King beds, so you can sleep two in each bed and one on a roll-away in each room, giving sleeping for 2 to 6, depending on how you do it (these are large bedrooms.) Downstairs there is a granny quarter with a queen bed and queen futon (2 to 4 sleepers), a bunk room with four twin over full beds (4 or 8 sleepers) and the meeting room/Queens bedroom (0 to 6 sleepers.)  In addition, we have roll-away beds plus three twin size mattresses in the living room and den that are used as seating but also can be used as sleeping spaces. There are also two couches which fold down for sleeping. The "man cave" isn't appropriate for sleeping as there is no window for fire escape.

This cabin was designed to accommodate extended family groups and church groups. Typically, the bunk room is used to sleep all the "boys" and the Queen's room the "girls", with parents in the various master bedrooms.

For the dogs, bring their favorite beds and bowls, perhaps a towel to put the bowls on. The yard is not enclosed so you will have to leash them and walk them outside for bathroom breaks.

There is a stairway, so for little children you might want to bring a child stair gate (the kind that stretches across from the walls.) Otherwise the house is pretty child friendly. The wood burning stove would be a hazard, but if that is a worry you can just not use it. There is no high chair, so if you need one, bring it.

There is a hadicap bedroom upstairs with a wood floor and a roll-in shower. There is a ramp for the wheelchair in the garage. The handicap toliet seat is in the closet in the bedroom and is easily attached to replace the current seat. Please disinfect it and leave it out for the cleaners to inspect before they put it away.

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