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Category Archives: About Natal Granite Retreat

Details about the Natal Granite Retreat

Kitchen Organization

There are approximately 60 place settings available, plus all the cooking utensils you'll need, and they all fit nicely! But...Some renters, for whatever reason, "reorganize" and move things. So, for reference, here are photos of where everything should be: First upper cabinet to the left of the sink: [caption id="attachment_2725" align="aligncenter" width="4032"] Coffee mugs[/caption] Coffee…
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We have had a lot of weddings at the cabin in the past year! So exciting! The following pictures are from Jay and Maurine's wedding, and were chosen to illustrate ideas for how a wedding here can be arranged and to answer several FAQs. (The actual photographer's wedding photos are elsewhere.) Q: Is this a…
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2016 Spring Cleaning

Added another Queen Futon in the Queen's Room; Repainted the Queen's Room (I wish I hadn't done the ceiling in semi-gloss!); Put some new couches and seating into the Man Cave and retired some of the older seating; Working on various sewing projects (in process) including new covers for several seating areas, new throw pillows…
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2015 Spring Cleaning

We just did the Spring cleaning for 2015 (Dottie, Kent and Shanice.) Here is the list of what we got done: We emptied the den and living room and cleaned the floor, then had the N-Hance company come out and clean, prepare and refinish the floor. Used them because they don't strip to the wood,…
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