• Peace and Quiet

    Nestled in the woods.

  •         Roomy

    Go ahead, spread out, there's no crowding.

  • Restful

    Sleep well on comfortable beds.

  • Relax

    The lake has a calming effect.

  • Forested

    4 Miles from Shaver Lake.

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Dave and Kent sanded the back and front railings and painted them--such a chore! Within a day they were already "dirty"--covered with pine pollen! Still, they look great! ...

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OK, no laughing at my novice wood-working skills...Here are the cabinets I built, painted and installed in the laundry room. I wanted them deep enough to store the linens and towels as well as other guest supplies, to make it easier for housekeeping. I repainted the laundry room, too, and installed the new, larger washer. (Had the put the larger dryer in the garage, it won't fit in here! Oh well, I will be hooking it up next week, that gives us two working dryers to make it easier to wash all the blankets, bedspreads, pillows, already a bid job with 2 king beds, 6 queen beds, 6 full beds and 2 twin beds...) ...

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Pine needles burning--that time of year, again! Dave and Kent rake and burn piles of needles. ...

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3 weeks ago

Natal Granite Retreat

Yay! Woodworking! Decided to build my own cabinets from scratch since I couldn't find what I wanted. Wish me luck, I never made a cabinet before! ...

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Welcome to the Natal Granite Retreat Facebook page!
Did you know:
--if you book direct (#bookdirect), you get better pricing than on AirBNB, Homeaway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, and most of the other vacation rental listing websites?
--booking direct with the owner saves the owner costs, too!
--most of the commercial booking sites are attempting to get between the home owner and the guest, typically attempting to keep the people involved from exchanging contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) in an attempt to keep the guest as THEIR client and make sure they get paid both by guests and owners!
--owners are paying for advertising on these booking sites, increasing their costs of doing business, and you, the guest, are also paying fees for each booking; typically, this increases the amount you pay by 20-25%

Please, whenever you can, communicate directly with the property owner and book direct.

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